Fee $700

$300 will be due at time of contract to secure my availability for your due date.  $400 will be due at 38 weeks to estimated due date.  

Free Consultation

I would love to meet with you to discover your goals for your birth and to answer all of your questions!  We can meet in your home or at a coffee shop of your choosing. Once we discuss, we can decide if we are a good fit and make the next steps in preparing for the birth of your baby. 

Phone & Email Support 

I will be available via phone, e-mail, or text throughout your pregnancy and postpartum period. At the beginning of 38 weeks, I will have around-the-clock availability to you.

Caedyn Janece, 2004

Two Prenatal Visits 

We will become more acquainted during these visits. We will explore and discuss your priorities, fears or concerns, your birth plan, and how we might best work together. We will practice coping techniques and practice measures for labor. In addition, we will go over your postpartum plan, feeding baby, and your support circle.  

During Labor 

I will come to your home or birth place when you need me and will provide continuous support during your labor and delivery.  I will assist with comfort measures, position changes and physical touch.

Baby Feeding Support 

I am able to assist you with Baby's first feeding and answer some questions around feeding.  I can refer you to a local lactation consultant for breastfeeding  support outside of my ability.

Sa'mari Marie, 2013

Two Postpartum Visits

We will have two postpartum visits.  Initially within your first week following labor and again 4-6 weeks postpartum.  We will go over your recovery, feeding, support system and how you are adjusting to life with a new baby.  We will also talk about your birth.  

Community Referrals

I am happy to offer referrals to caregivers and agencies who provide services and information that fall outside of my scope of practice as a Birth Doula.